About the Show

Episode 1 Edited, Episodes 2 & 3 Filmed & Edited Entirely by MC Media, LLC.

Ralph Ronzio and Cory Missall are on a mission to preserve gaming's pastime: Arcade machines. Follow them on their journey around Arizona to find these retro hidden gems in garages, warehouses and trailers. Can they walk away with the classics?


This is by far the best show for video game nerds like me on YouTube or on mainstream TV.

Hallard Addision

Wow, I don’t know what blew me away more the production on this episode or the great cheap deals! Holy cannoli, this is AMAZING. Bravo! Loved this episode.

King Konk

Excellent job, guys! This show is on a completely different level. Congratulations, and keep up the
great work!

Tony Tech