The Full Story

It all started with a YouTube program and a website that makes video thumbnails. I eventually got PhotoShop, and the rest is history.


Landscape Illustrations

I'm a big fan of travel. I grew up in Texas, and we drove to Ohio every year. I've seen 23 states so far. These works are dedicated to the random locations and fantasy lands that live rent-free inside my head.

Artboard Copy 3.png

User Interface Design

I worked with AtGames, an arcade-based company in El Segundo, California. I was a UI Designer, creating mock ups of many different screens for the cabinet they offer. Then, I went crazy, and made a lot of other concept interfaces based on other companies.

Artboard Copy 4.png

Social Media Branding

...Okay, this is just YouTube banner art & thumbnails, but this still counts, right? I did YouTube for 8 years. That's what got me into all of this today - I've had the opportunity to work with some pretty cool people along the way - from retro arcade fans to food reviewers.



Is it food? Well, I mean, it probably is. What other type of menu is there, even? Food. Yes. (By the way, if I ever make your menu, I definitely do like food and wouldn't mind taste-testing anything. Just.. just for the inspiration.. for the menu, you know..)