Male Portrait

I have been using the Raw Talent of Mason/MC Media for a LONG WHILE now and he always hits the target when it comes to my Graphic Design needs! Anything you get from the homie in way of his art, will truly be the needed touch on your Projects!

Daymon Patterson
(Daym drops)

I've worked with MC Media for over 3 years, and if you're a content creator needing help with channel art, thumbnails, or complete rebrands, they're the go-to. I can't tell you how much help they've been!

Ralph Ronzio
(Retro Ralph)

Mason has done over 100 YouTube Thumbnails for me and I gotta say, the quality and quick turnaround time (less than an hour in most cases) is unbelievable!! Mason is THAT DUDE when it comes to media! Enough Talk!

Eric Booker
(Badlands Chugs)

Mason is, simply put, a YouTube stud. He's made thumbnails for me weekly for the past year, has made stream layouts, intro videos, and even edited a really important video for the channel. He is the definition of 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Nathanial Rumphol-Janc
(Nintendo Prime)